How To Use ShowBox with Chromecast

Showbox is increasingly becoming a popular app among those using Android devices. The app is designed primarily for free streaming of television shows and movies as well. That being said, Showbox has successfully developed a huge following online thanks to its ability to stream new movies from the latest blockbusters to ever thrilling and fascinating Indian films.

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As an app, Showbox is the best choice for you if you are looking to use it as a tool to gain an access to the world of entertainment. In this piece, you will learn more about the application through its unique features, installation and how you can use it with an Android emulator.

ShowBox Features

Before coming to the use of Showbox with Chromecast, you need to know its features first. What makes Showbox app so special that almost everyone is scrambling to have it on their Android or iOS devices? To answer this question, look at the following features of the Showbox app to have a clear picture of what makes this app the best choice for your Android or iOS devices. 


  • Showbox is the best application to access all new and old contents from different parts of the world including movies, sports, news, TV shows among others. 
  • This app comes absolutely free. Meaning that you will not have to pay for any subscription fee when using it, which so unlike the way you would pay for cables for free to air content in your home. But when you have the app installed on your device, there will be no need to pay any other cable services to enjoy accessing live sport and other contents of your interest.
  • Contrary to the other TV applications, the use of Showbox with Chromecast can enable you to search for various contents, download them and then share with your friends who might not be having an access to the same movie or content. 
  • The Showbox is more of a database where you can stream TV shows or your favourite movies on your Android, iOS devices or even your desktop.
  • When you use Showbox with Chromecast, there are no restrictions that limit you to a single screen resolution at the time of downloading or streaming movies online. You can simply change the resolution within seconds by just a single click on your device.
  • Most importantly, Showbox lets you have an access to the premium services via your smartphone. These services include Hollywood and Nollywood movies, paid sports channels, live programs and so on.

How to install Showbox to use with Chromecast 

After downloading the Showbox app, the next step is to install it. Here is the way you can install this app on your android device:

  • Get to the phone file manager through your app menu
  • Look for the “Download” folder and find the Showbox
  • Double-click on Showbox.apk file
  • Proceed to the bottom right of your device screen and tap on “Install”
  • Then follow the on-screen in order to accomplish the task of installing the Showbox app on your device.

Showbox with Android Emulator

Despite the great features that come with Showbox app, you will also expect to have something extra from the app. This is the case for those who might not have a smartphone but would wish to use Showbox on their PCs. Luckily, the same people stand a chance to enjoy the great benefits that come with Showbox by downloading and running the app on their PCs through an emulator such as Bluestacks.


You don't have to worry about how you can access the latest movies or your favourite TV channels. Showbox is here to help you achieve your target. All you need to do is just to download the app and then install it on your device, especially your android smartphone or tablet. Using Showbox with Chromecast has really changed the way we stream content online.