Movies are a favorite to many people across the world and across different generations in existence. Due to this fact, technology continues to make it easier to access them in different modes using a wide variety of gadgets as well as varying modes. In our current era, the best way to watch the latest movie in the most comfortable state possible is through streaming. Watching a movie straight from the internet without having to download it prior.

Among the streaming applications provided to us; the movie watchers is, Showbox APK. This is an application that allows one to stream media onto different gadgets. Some of these gadgets include android supported devices, iOS supported devices, Xbox, Apple TV, Smart TV as well as the PS4.

Last Version ShowBox:

Old Version ShowBox:

In other words, this application is downloadable in almost all media devices you may have or have come across. For instance, just download Showbox APK onto your android phone or sideload it on your iOS with the use of iOS emulators. Also, the Linux operating system has the capacity to handle Showbox once you download and install it.

With this application on your device, you get the chance to stream movies without a prescription and for free. Additionally, there is no required registration in order to download the application on your Tv or mobile phone. For those who would like to spread out the services to other players, there is the option of Kodi Media Player, Roku Media Player as well as Showbox on Chromecast

Features of the Showbox application:

  1. The services offered are entirely free unless for special occurrences. This is unlike cable TV whereby you have to pay to get free to air available to you.
  2. There are premium services that you can receive on your smartphone via the Showbox APK application. They are usually serviced by a fee set by the service provider. They include paid Nollywood, Hollywood and Live Sports channels.
  3. There is an option to look for anything that captivates your interest, download it and even share it with friends and colleagues who do not have the chance to enjoy the same pleasures.
  4. Whether you love old school movies or the latest movies to keep you entertained, Showbox has them all; covering a wide range of genres available around the world too.
  5. There is no restriction to one resolution as you download your movie. It is incredibly easy to alter the resolution to what you desire in a click of a button

Reasons to download Show Box

It may be simple to just watch movies on your TV as it is easy and available, but there are other benefits that the Showbox application can give that will keep you more engaged:

  • You have the opportunity to watch your favorite movies in High Definition at no extra cost.
  • You can choose a movie that suits your mood whether horror, hopelessly romance, action thriller 
  • The subtitles to the movies can easily be downloaded making it easy to learn foreign languages and still enjoying the movie
  • This application is organized and has no unnecessary pop-ups making it stress-free to scroll through the catalog without complications.
  • There is also the option to choose the quality of that works best for your internet connection

Downloading the Showbox App

Downloading Showbox APK for Android

When it comes to downloading the application on your android phone, all you need is a good internet. There are no restrictions and once you are connected, you have access to access the application. To enable this process to be flawless and easier, it is important to enable the option for “install from unknown sources” to allow your device to accept it download. This is because this particular app is not available on Google Playstore but instead can be found on or any other APK website that you prefer to use. 

To enable the application to be accepted onto your device here is the process required:

  • Go to the settings of your phone
  • Opt onto the security page
  • Select unknown sources and opt to enable

After the above procedure, the download is fast and easy from your source and you can now install it.

Last Version ShowBox:

Old Version ShowBox:

The direct instructions on how to install the app onto your phone are listed below:

  1. File Manager is your first destination
  2. Select the download folder and look out for the Showbox already downloaded
  3. Double click on Showbox.apk once you locate it
  4. There will be “install” option at the bottom right of your smartphone screen
  5. To complete the file installation follow the on-screen

Downloading Showbox for iOS

When it comes to downloading the same application on iOS, iPad and iPhone the process is a bit different from that of the android phone. To begin with, you must ensure that you have the safari browser.

  1. Begin by going into your browser and searching the following URL: itmsservices://?actiondownloadmanifest&url=
  2. To avoid error, copy the URL
  3. Once you launch the dialogue box for iTunes, accept the pop up that opts for you to begin the installation for the Showbox application
  4. Ensure you add the application as a trusted app immediately the installation procedure is completed. This is to ensure that there is no error during the launch of the app onto your iPhone, iPod Touch 6G or iPad.

Downloading Showbox app for your PC

You can also have this application on your PC with an operating system of Windows 7, 8 and 10. As long as the computer has a RAM of 500MB, the procedure is simple as listed below:

  1. Ensure that you have downloaded and installed the Bluestacks emulator 
  2. Launch the PC emulator and select “add APK”
  3. Install the APK on your operating system
  4. You now have the access to use Showbox the same way that you use it on your smartphone

Downloading Showbox app for Mac Computer

To download and use Showbox on your Mac computer, the procedure is similar to that of the Windows operating system. The procedure is as follows;

  1. Begin by downloading and installing GenyMotion on your machine
  2. Launch GenyMotion and select “add”. Once there is a pop-up, select “mobile device”
  3. Download the Showbox APK and paste it onto the desktop
  4. You can now drag and drop the APK file into GenyMotion that you had already opened which will then start streaming and downloading movies online to your mac.

The Showbox app gives you a variety of options that enable you to stay entertained no matter your location, the device you are using. It can soothe your entertainment craving despite the mood you may be in with great ease while still friendly to your pocket.