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The Best Tips and Tricks For Moviestar Planet

moviestar planet tips and tricks

MovieStarPlanet hack” is a popular online game for children, adolescents and young at heart. The best advice we have put together in this practical tip.

MovieStarPlanet tip: Collect Starcoins

Starcoins is the currency of the game MovieStarPlanet and thus very significant. By following actions you win money to:

  • Explore as many short films on, you rate the films other or turn even a small film .
  • Cuddle numerous pets by visiting your friends or other pet owners. It is also worthwhile to visit the Pet chatroom and stroke the local pets. Moreover Liken you pets your friends.
  • Create your own look and hope that he likes other players and buy them the look. To gain additional Starcoins.
  • Play the games. In the chat rooms Here is particularly the quiz to call, but other games will help you to make quick money.
  • It is worth a day to turn the wheel. As a VIP you have a better chance because you can immediately turn one more time.
  • Upload a lot of friends and help this to reach level three. Then there is a StarCoin bonus for you.
  • Lot antique objects and urge you to view your short films. This will bring you additional money.
  • Take part in regular competitions. With luck there Starcoins for you.

Get at fame in the browser game

Besides Starcoins also Fame for the game play is important. How do you achieve this status, learn:

  • Ask your friends for autographs and make each other what you.
  • Spread your movies and ask friends to see this. In return, you could watch the movies of your friends.
  • Participation in competitions brings you in this case too Fame.
  • With a VIP you will automatically receive more fame.
  • Ask friends to liken your room, because then your status also increases.
  • When you play games, you can reach additional Fame.
  • Check out movies from friends and vote.

Tip: Give each other

In MovieStarPlanet nothing works without mutual help. it, if you do your friends a favor and vice versa is best. To achieve the same much faster Fame and countless Starcoins.


Pokemon Go: the tricks to win and how to play the best

pokemon go hack online tool

In Italy it is officially broke the Pokemon craze because of the availability of Pokemon Go hack for iPhone and Android phones. Immediate is the pursuit of tricks to win and play well because, as with all games even this has unleashed a competition with yourself and with others to advance level. Visiting Pokéstop and recalling that the reactivation will continue growing faster level. Better to throw the Pokeball when the circle becomes smaller because it means that the Pokémon is most vulnerable.To find the Pokémon on the map must follow the movements in the grass while a legend at the bottom right shows those not caught.

If we have duplication, inviamoli Professor Willow to pocket candy Pokémon to be used to grow the same species.Clicking on the ball in the bottom of the screen you can not draw to itself the little monsters to you with incense. At the fifth level you can get experience fighting in gyms. As is well known to those who have already managed to put his hand in the game, Pokemon appear in unfamiliar places and a vibrating telephone warning of their presence. Pikachu is certainly the most famous, but make their appearance even the characters of Pidgey, Vulpix, Spearow, Charmander, Bulbasaur, Nidoranf, Squirtle and Rattata.

It is a real hunt for Pokemon that which is thus slowly taking foot also in Italian cities, as demonstrated by the many app download. The Pokemon are visible through the smartphone in the world around us. Technically called augmented reality, virtually makes possible to see Pikachu and his associates near a traffic light, in the garden or on the desk. So if someone is pointing with the phone, you do not be afraid, you probably have a Pokemon go hack for free pokecoins in the head.

As explained by Niantic in the official description of the game, already downloaded the reference store (not for Windows 10 or Windows Mobile Phone), “explores countries and cities near and far to catch more Pokémon you can. And while you’re out, the your smartphone will vibrate to let you know when there are Pokémon nearby. and when you meet a Pokémon, take aim on the touchscreen of your smartphone and throws a Poké Ball to capture it. Be careful when you try to catch it because it might run away! Find also scattered Pokéstop in the most famous places, such as works of public art, historic sights and monuments where you can find Poké Ball and other tools. “

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Pokémon Go, tricks and apps to capture them

pokemon go tips and tricks

The Pokémon phenomenon Go is so spectacular that there are already two apps designed to help in the search Pokémon: Poke Radar and Helper for Pokémon Go. How and tricks to level up.

United States Go Pokémon is a media and social phenomenon as we have not seen for years, and with the arrival in Europe seems to us we will also be submerged. An indicator of success is the arrival on the market Poke Radar and Helper for Pokémon Go , both app designed to track Pokémon.


Beyond the facts sensational numbers recorded by the app Pokémon Go , analysts point out one more thing: it is significant that two weeks after the launch in the US market, already two-thirds manufacturers held bothered to release the app designed to facilitate the Pokémon research. Not only:Poke Radar and Helper for Pokémon Go are both entered the top 10 of the App Store.


According to data collected in the United States by Sensor Tower, people are spending more time trying Pokémon than it steps on Facebook and Snapchat. More specifically, the search is for owners of iPhone and noted that on average spend 33 minutes a day in Pokémon Go, 22 minutes and 18 minutes on Facebook Snapchat.


Poke Radar and Helper for Pokemon Go hack pokecoins exploit the same approach, ie the so-called crowd-sourcing. In essence, the users when they log indicate where they found a certain Pokémon and that way other players can find them fruitfully. Obviously, it is said that all coaches can find a Pokémon in the same place, but it’s a good starting point and it is certainly better than to wander randomly.


Each coach has its own profile and others can vote if his instructions were useful or not, so as to discriminate the braggarts from frequent players.The app allows you to choose which Pokémon look, and once selezionatolo can see which areas of the world has been found. At the moment Poke Radar exists only for iOS (and is far from perfect): the developers promise a short implementation for Android and waiting users can still use the Internet version of the app.


The basic operation is similar to that of Poke Radar , but the quality of the app seems to be much lower: the average ratings on the App Store is around a pip and a half. Also in this case it lacks the version for Android.


The first tip is to move as much as possible: Pokémon are around you, the more you explore the more chance you will have to catch one. Advisable to have the GO Plus Pokemon, a bracelet that allows you to capture the ‘creatures’ without using your smartphone.
To catch it launches the Poké Ball, dosing well the strength, the trick is to capture him launch in the exact moment when the Pokémon is marked by a green circle.

Another trick to easily capture a Pokémon go pokecoins is not the camera: less spectacular, but with the virtual map the Pokémon remains central to the screen.

There is also a system for Pikachu as a starter: at the beginning of the game there are Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle, but not the most famous of Pokémon. Here are the directions: while you do not catch one of the starter, then move when they appear and do it again three times. The fourth appearance of the starter Pokemon there will also Pikachu , then capture it.

Important not to remain without Poké Ball , if you do not catch anything. At the start you’ve had enough to begin your hunt, but then we will have to stocks: you buy; you receive if you pass level; you have to find the sites (virtual), the PokéStop where refuel.

A trick to have many Poké Ball is to use public transport: the camera phone on when the tram or bus passes in front of a Pokéstop and you can get your fill of Poké Ball.

Not always a Poké Ball is enough to catch a Pokémon. It depends on the level and importance of the Pokémon.

How to level up? The goal is to get your avatar higher and higher. There are no real tricks, but to increase early level you gain experience points, the ‘PE’, here are the actions that allow it: of course the capture of Pokémon;the make them evolve; hatching eggs; as told to go in Pokéstop; training;use the ‘Fortunuovo’ that allows for 30 minutes to double in experience points.

How to evolve Pokémon: no tricks, follow the instructions provided. To evolve a Pokémon you’ll have to catch as many as possible of the same species, so as to get the candy that make him evolve.

Another way to evolve is the Gym. We advise you to train your Pokémon with that of a friend so you gain experience points.

The case of Eevee: the first generation Pokémon go pokecoins that has three possible different evolutions. Some do not know but there is the system to choose the evolution of Eevee: you’ll have to rename it by choosing between these three names: Rainer, will become Vaporeon; Sparky will Jolteon; Pyro becomes Flareon.

How to find rare Pokémon : not everyone knows that when you catch a duplicate of a Pokémon it can be sent to the professor and in this way get more candy to level-up your ‘little monsters’.