Tips to make money fast in GTA 5


If you want to earn enough money in GTA V certainly you have to do so by our guide market . Moreover, we recommend you to take a look at our guide heist where we tell you that you should do to save money. As you can see, we have thought of everything, but we recommend that you do not miss the advice we give you below.

In this web you will find guides and tips to help you in your mission to try to be rich as soon as possible in Grand Theft Auto 5. As we have already mentioned, you must pay close attention to the stock market, which is where you can truly do Enough money.

Any kind of doubt or advice about these guides, do not hesitate to communicate them via comment or send us an email. Finally, let me tell you that the limit of money that each character has in GTA 5 is 2,147,483,647 dollars. Almost nothing ?.

Robbery to armored vehicles

When you see a blue dot on the map it means there is an armored vehicle.

If it is parked and you see someone walking towards it with a briefcase, shoot it and you will get $ 5,000 easily.

On the other hand, you can also steal the armored vehicle and then open the rear doors in order to get the loot. An easy way to open the armored doors is to crash into the water. We can also put some beads lapa pumps in the back to make them jump through the air.

Theft at ATMs

For this I believe that there is not much explanation possible, just wait close to the ATMs to bring people and this to make money for their expenses … at that time we give the suit and we take your money.

Easy Mission – $ 100,000

This mission is quite simple, but can only be done by playing with the character Franklin, although there is also information on how to do it with Michael, but we will focus on Franklin in this example.

When we are wandering around Franklin’s house, we should look carefully for a blue dot.

That warning will take us to a young man whose motorcycle has been stolen. If we decide to help him and recover his motorcycle, he will give us $ 100,000 for the job.

Robots in armories

This is a method with which we can continue to steal in the same armory of the city. Since the money is going to regenerate very quickly increasing our fortune in each robbery.

1. Head over to an armory.
2. Shoot the one at the entrance.
3. Empty the cash registers.
4. Get out of the store and hide near three distant cars.
5. Turn around and return to the armory.
6. Grab the money again and repeat this process!

Infinite money

Note: After the last update of GTA 5 money hack this has been blocked, so you can only do it if you keep a copy of the game without updates. Turning this off, you will only have to quickly change character so that the briefcase reappears again.

Once we swim to the depths we will see a plane sunk and to the right of the plane there will be a briefcase or box with 12,000 dollars inside. This is where we must do the trick explained in the video for that briefcase to appear again, repeat this method as many times as you want.

Maximum limit of money

This is more a warning than anything else, especially if you are using some of the tricks we teach you.

The maximum amount of money we can have in GTA 5 is 2,147,483,647 dollars.

The number 2147483647 is a value of 32 bits, if we spend “getting” money, we will show a negative balance and we will not be able to invest in the stock market or steal more money to passers-by. But, what if we can do is go to any establishment with cash register and take the money.

Theft in stores

Dirrúyete to any establishment, be it a clothing store, liquor, etc. When entering, you must go far enough so that the door closes behind you, once closed go to the exit but stay halfway. Make sure the door is open to the outside.

Once this is done, we will be able to draw a gun to point the clerk and proceed to hit the stick. To open the registers it will suffice to shoot them.

Tip: When you start your escape, wait for the door to close, this will earn you time with the police.

Save Sonny’s Daughter – $ 60K

With the following trick we will be able to earn $ 60,000 with which we increase our “savings” considerably.

Head to the north side of Paleto Bay (as you see in the image below), you must meet two men who are planning to kill a girl, who is the daughter of Sonny, the mob boss.

Kill the two kidnappers and take the girl as far as you are told, it will be no other destination than Vinewood.

At the cavo a few hours received a call from the girl who will tell you that just enter $ 60,000 into your bank account.

We tried Super Mario Run: you’re going to engage much as I


Next December 15 Nintendo will release ‘ Super Mario Run ‘ for iOS, a title that the Japanese house announced to everyone ‘s surprise last September. This is the first app game by right of signature for the Apple system, which the company itself points to consider Miiitomo was more a social app than anything else. There is still a week to its release, however, I have been able to access and try Super Mario Run hack to tell you my first impressions and show youmore closely.

As you know, the new title from Nintendo is type endless run , so that our protagonist, Mario, runs all the way forward without possibility of returning back as in the title of a lifetime. This certainly provides you play with one hand, since you only have to touch the screen to make Mario jump (the more pressure, the more jumps), but at the same time is somewhat shocking and difficult to get used to at first. It is anyway a momentary impression that disappears when you play a few times and you catch the dynamics -a most have / want to repeat several times the same level to catch all the stars and other bonuses stage.

I can overtake you as the game is highly addictive and engaging rather quickly thanks to its simplicity. It is certainly much more comfortable to play on the phone / iPhone (for which it has been clearly conceived) in tablet / iPad, but also can shoot some good games on your manzanero big computer screen if you wish.

In addition to the worlds, you have other options interaction in the world of Mario, with the inclusion of a store, where you can buy different items to decorate your kingdom in the Kingdom Builder mode (some items only have access if you have a particular number of coins and Toads colors).

Speaking of the Toads, in the game called Toad find the Rally mode, where you can play against other people your own contacts or available on the network to gain new Toads and coins. This scenario -you game see some screenshots in the gallery you have below- also quite entertaining, especially because you have as an opponent to another person with whom you play a prize (more coins and Toads), although I find more attractive Super Mario worlds these impromptu races A matter of taste.

By the way, regarding the connection, although at first it was said that you could play without being connected, at least in the worlds of Mario, Miyamoto has clarified in- the interview you on this link – that will not be so and there will be no offline option, always requiring connection to enjoy the title.

As for the game itself options, remember that you can download Super Mario Run cheats‘ from the App Store completely free. This, however, will limit your game in some respects, since you can only play levels 1, 2 and 3 of the first world (there are six in total with four levels each). To enjoy all full options, you will therefore have to pay the 9.99 euros it costs the game in its paid version, an amount comfortable and just think considering how attractive and fun it is Super Mario Run on iOS. Do not forget to give it a try.

* Update: Miyamoto has confirmed that there will be support for ‘ Super Mario Run ‘ offline, as initially had been indicated here. We have amended the article to reflect this important information.

Clash Royale Hack: Trucos Para Gemas Ilimitadas

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Boom Beach Diamond Hack – Boom Beach Free Diamonds Online

Everyone know about boom beach. how addictive this game is. This game is downloaded millions of times from android and iOS stores, and also growing its community. But users of this game always find about how to get free diamonds on boom beach or some kind of boom beach hack and cheats tool. You don’t need to worry about it. because today we are gonna share some really hidden tips tricks and secrets for your favorite game boom beach. stay tuned and watch below video.

Clash Royale Ultime Hacks et conseils

clash of clans astuce et triche

Pour ceux qui ont joué Clash Royale, même pour quelques minutes, vous êtes bien au courant de la façon dont le jeu addictif peut être. Chaque fois que les petits coffres pop up, il se sent comme si le travail a été en vaut la peine et le jeu devient instantanément plus agréable. Par conséquent, nous avons compilé quelques-uns des meilleurs hacks dans le jeu afin que vous puissiez vous mettre dans une meilleure position que tous les autres joueurs!

Lire la suite : Clash Royale Astuce et Tricheries

Comprendre les tendances de la poitrine – Comme vous pouvez ou ne pouvez pas savoir, chaque jeu a un code source, ce qui expose les mathématiques et tendances observées lors de la lecture de l’application. Sans ce code, le jeu ne fonctionnera pas et vous ne serez pas gagner quoi que ce soit dans des coffres. Généralement, les jeux ont l’habitude de choisir des motifs aléatoires quant à la poitrine particulières vont baisser , mais Clash Royale n’a pas suivi cette procédure. En fait, les développeurs de l’application ont fait le public de motif qui a conduit à nous , vous offrant l’ un des meilleurs hacks que vous trouverez pour ce jeu.

Chest Motif Hack – Pour commencer, vous aurez besoin pour obtenir le fichier ‘pastebin’ que ce hackbesoin pour fonctionner correctement. Une foisvous avez cela,décodageil est simple et vous pouvez travailler sur ce quecoffres sontvenir. Bien sûr, tous les coffres vous récompenser avec quelque chosemais ça ne serait pas bon de savoir que vous pouvez sécuriser magiques et orcoffres? Une foisvous avez ce fichier, vous avez la clé pour déverrouillerrécompenses fantastiques qui découleront de ces coffres rares.

Modifier l’ordre de Commodes -fil des ans, nous avons vuénormes développements dansapplications ettechnologie moderne. Cependant, ils utilisent tous encorecodes etalgorithmes quirend facile pour nous d’avoir encore plusplaisir avecjeux. En fincompte, Clash Royale doit utiliser ces mêmes algorithmes parce que sinon ce serait un jeu AI qui est censéassez loin.

Pour commencer ce processus, vous avez besoin de regarder ce que les coffres que vous recevez. Par exemple; si vous commencez à la neuvième poitrine, vous savez que le troisième sera «magique». Par conséquent, vous avez besoin d’écrire l’ordre dans lequel les modèles se produisent. Dès que vous frappez la poitrine magique, vous remarquerez qu’un modèle fait son apparition. Tant que vous suivez ce modèle, vous saurez exactement ce que la poitrine sera le prochain dans la ligne.

Depuis plusieurs mois, les gens ont cru que l’ordre ne sera pas remplie si les fentes de la poitrine sont pleins mais cela est tout simplement pas le cas. Si vous êtes hors de taches vides, l’ordre de la poitrine viendra à une halte au lieu de randomisation. Par conséquent, le motif sera simplement arrêter jusqu’à ce que vous obtenez à nouveau un emplacement vide quand il commencera à nouveau. Si vous avez tous vos emplacements de la poitrine pleine, vous avez juste besoin d’attendre jusqu’à ce que on vide jusqu’à ce que le motif reprend.

Contrer Sparky – Avec ce jeu, il semble que tout le monde a un peu de mal avec Sparky – le monstre redouté. Plutôt que d’ essayer d’utiliser des squelettes et d’ obtenir le temps et le temps battu à nouveau, nous avons de meilleures solutions.

Fireball – Comme vous avez pu découvrir avec ce jeu, Fireball est une excellente façon de bien faire et cela ne change pas avec Sparky. Pourquoi ça marche? Sparky est jamais seul et donc avec tousmouvements, vous risquezendommager les séides et aussi causer une bonne quantité de dommages à Sparky aussi. Quand il a que peu de soutien de son côté, être sûr d’essayer Fireball.

Zap & Gel – Après avoir utilisé ces, Sparky seront quelque peu «paralysés» pendant environ cinq secondesqui est un excellent moyen de récupérer lorsque vous êtes sous un peu de pression. Si vous ne pouvez pas tuer l’ennemi instantanément, la meilleure solutionrechange doit être de les paralyser,droite?

Minion Horde – Bien que Sparky apouvoir, il a aussi ses faiblesses pour Minion Horde peut être un excellent moyen de capitaliser sur ces points très doux. Parce que sa flèche ne sera pas vous joindre immédiatement, vous êtes autorisé un peutemps pour obtenirbons coupsfeu dans.

Gardes – Considérant cela est un jeu de stratégie, voici une option stratégique pour vous. En utilisantgardes, vous pouvez détruire Sparky en seulement quelques minutes. Si vous parvenez à obtenir Sparky entouré, il va soudainement être plus facile que jamais de faire tomber.

Rockets – Si toutreste échoue, utilisentfusées – explicites, non?

Résumé – Avec ces deux hacks et des morceaux de conseils, vous trouverez Clash Royale hack instantanément plus agréable. Plus que tout, ont tout simplement amusant parce que c’est ce que le jeu a été conçu pour. Au fil du temps, vous découvrirez vos propres techniques et vos propres tactiques qui travaillent contre les opposants. Si vous vous sentez paresseux ou besoin d’ un peu d’aide un jour, être sûr de garder ce guide comme une référence à une date ultérieure. S’amuser!

Maintenant vous pouvez obtenir les codes psn avec codes psn générateur , libre et presque illimitée, comme vous pouvez choisir des options entre $ 20- $ 30- $ 50

Clash Royale Hack! TOP 5 Tips and Tricks

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You want to spy on someones instagram private profile? Do you think your girlfriend ditching you, here is the solution, we have developed an online generator, by which you can view any instagram profile images etc, without any hassle. just use the link above to use it. its an online tool which will fetch instagram server to show you all the images from instagram. Also you can get free unlimited instagram followers and likes for your account very easily. so dont wait use both of tools, if you like.

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Fifa 17 Ultimate Team Coin Generator Online Tool – Latest

Hello football lovers, Fifa 17 released and you guys definitely want to leave fifa 16 and to stick with fifa 17. but in the latest game you will face a lot of difficulties. You will definitely required a lot of free fifa 17 coins and points to extend your gaming experience. Thats the reason i have developed a latest Fifa 17 coin generator, this latest and awesome tool will give you better playing experience. this tool works with all devices of android and ios. so dont kill your time and click on the link above to use fifa 17 coin generator online.

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The Best Tips and Tricks For Moviestar Planet

moviestar planet tips and tricks

MovieStarPlanet hack” is a popular online game for children, adolescents and young at heart. The best advice we have put together in this practical tip.

MovieStarPlanet tip (MSP hack): Collect Starcoins

Starcoins is the currency of the game MovieStarPlanet and thus very significant. By following actions you win money to:

  • Explore as many short films on, you rate the films other or turn even a small film .
  • Cuddle numerous pets by visiting your friends or other pet owners. It is also worthwhile to visit the Pet chatroom and stroke the local pets. Moreover Liken you pets your friends.
  • Create your own look and hope that he likes other players and buy them the look. To gain additional Starcoins.
  • Play the games. In the chat rooms Here is particularly the quiz to call, but other games will help you to make quick money.
  • It is worth a day to turn the wheel. As a VIP you have a better chance because you can immediately turn one more time.
  • Upload a lot of friends and help this to reach level three. Then there is a StarCoin bonus for you.
  • Lot antique objects and urge you to view your short films. This will bring you additional money.
  • Take part in regular competitions. With luck there Starcoins for you.

Get at fame in the browser game

Besides Starcoins also Fame for the game play is important. How do you achieve this status, learn:

  • Ask your friends for autographs and make each other what you.
  • Spread your movies and ask friends to see this. In return, you could watch the movies of your friends.
  • Participation in competitions brings you in this case too Fame.
  • With a VIP you will automatically receive more fame.
  • Ask friends to liken your room, because then your status also increases.
  • When you play games, you can reach additional Fame.
  • Check out movies from friends and vote.

Tip: Give each other

In MovieStarPlanet nothing works without mutual help. it, if you do your friends a favor and vice versa is best. To achieve the same much faster Fame and countless Starcoins.